Current Ph.D. Students

S.No. Name Tentative Thesis Title Photograph
1. Ramendra Singh Fabrication and surface characterization of Micro-Channels
2. Divyansh Patel Electro Chemical Texturing
3. Ajay Vardhaman Lubricating Oil Tribology, Fault Detection in Rotating Machinery, Acoustics and vibration analysis.
4. Gaganpreet Singh Laser texturing
5. Kiran Kumar Surthi Li-ion battery for high temperature application
6. Bibekananda Padhi Micro-texturing using Electric Discharge Machining
7. Shashank Sharma Mathematical modelling of Laser matter interaction.
8. Pragya Shukla Surface Engineering
9. Mahavir Singh Micro Electric Discharge Milling process
10. Vyom Sharma Wire Electrochemical micro machining
11. Arun Rajput Cavitation erosion of Steel
12. Vijay Mandal Surface Modification through Laser Processing
13. Kajal Chaudhary Transparent metamaterial absorber for microwave frequencies
14. Abhishek Verma An Assistive Technology Intervention and Rehabilitation study for People with Locomotor Disability
15. Shania Zehra Naqvi Polymer Composites
16. Tesfaye Girma Bio-Machining

Former Research Group (Ph. D. Students)

S.No. Name Thesis Title Year
1. Leeladhar Nagdeve Theoretical & Experimental Investigations in Nano-finishing of freeform/Sculptured Surfaces 2018
2. Yaswanth Kumar Penke Arsenic Remediation, Mitigation and Surface Complexation Study onto Ni,Co, Cu, and Mn Based Ternary Metal Oxide Adsorbents (M-Al-Fe) 2018
3. Amandeep Singh Developing indices for green manufacturing systems 2017
4. Akhtar, Syed Nadeem Micro texturing of surface using excimer laser 2015
5. T.V. K. Gupta In Process monitoring Abrassive water jet Milling 2014
6. Kanmani Subbu. S Micro Electric Discharge Machining (Mirco-EDM) 2014
7. A.K. Singhal Investigation into Mechanical Behavior of FRP Joining of Pipes 2013
8. Ravi Sankar. M Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) 2011
9. Karthikeyan. G. Micro Electric Discharge Miliing (Mirco-EDM) 2011