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Make in India Initiative by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India and IIT Kanpur. Since October 2019, we are working hard every day to make innovative medical equipment available to help the Indian healthcare system. We are enthusiastic about having a constructive outcome in future health care management.

Our Mission


Bead Blasting Station

Bead blasting is a finishing technique for 3D-printed parts. It’s an abrasive blasting method, which means that it is similar to sandblasting and water blasting (pressure washing). In bead blasting, fine beads of plastic, glass, or another substance are forcibly sprayed over the surface of a part. The type of beads are chosen depending on the part’s material in order to smooth the finish of the part without damaging it.

Bead blasting creates a uniform matte finish over the surface of the part. Most customers consider this the standard finish—build markings are smoothed out, but additional high quality finishing has not been applied. It’s ideal for assessing a prototype, or for finishing a piece that doesn’t need a “show ready” finish. Bead blasting also makes it easier to photograph parts because it reduces the light reflections from the part’s surface. For pieces that will be used for sales meetings and trade shows, most customers prefer a higher quality finish.

Vapour Smoothing

  • Vapor Smoothing is a fast, effective way to achieve a smooth finish for your 3D Printed Objects. By using the ULTRA Vapor Smoothing System, 3D printed parts can be finished to a fine smoothness without losing the detail of the original printed part.
  • Consistent, uniform results to every part that is vapor smoothed.
  • Significantly reduced processing times from hours to minutes.
  • Smoothing of parts with complex geometries and intricate angles.
  • Easy removal of small layer lines.
  • Smoothing of most FDM thermoplastics including ABS and ASA.
  • Elimination of the use of flammable solvents like Acetone and THF.

Metal powder coat on 3d Print

Metal powder coating over polymer 3d prints provides greater impact/scratch resistance and prevent the parts from weather conditions. This technology can also be used to enhanced the aesthetic appealed.